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“Our mounting systems are strong, we test all our solutions thoroughly before releasing them for sale. We wouldn’t trust our expensive lights or 4wd accessories with anything less, we wouldn’t expect you to either." – Kim & Elizabeth Ward


The clamps used in conjunction with our brackets are stainless steel, adding to the quality of the products we are selling.


All powdercoated brackets come standard in black with a strict 3 stage coating process to ensure flawless finish and protection. They are grit blasted, primed and then coated. Custom colours can be arranged – quoted on order.

Clamp on bracket ranges

Our unique style clamping systems will mount to *RHS and various sized tubes, hereby-opening endless mounting options. Our clamp on bracket ranges are time and cost effective as they don’t require drilling holes in bullbars or tubing, jeopardizing your bars integrity, nor do they require fabrication and welding of additional tabs prior fitting.

* Size range specifications for our brackets clamping ability:

RHS -40mm to 75mm with feet adaption kit – sold separately
Tubing -Smaller bracket ranges - 18mm to 76mm (¾” to 3”)
 Larger ranges - 37mm to 76mm (1 ½” to 3”)

Furthermore, KE Custom Products brackets give the ability to mount almost anything to almost anywhere – they are a truly versatile bracket system.


Common Uses

Mounting to

There are applications for 4x4’s, Motorbikes, Quads, ATV’s and trailers. We even have marine grade stainless steel for boating applications. Most our product uses are limited to your imagination; discuss your ideas today so we can offer the best solution.

Custom step washer/s

As the pre-cut hole size in our bracket ranges are the standard 16mm required for aerials, we have designed and manufactured custom washers to overcome the variance when mounting smaller accessories. The washers convert the 16mm hole size down to 10mm. This design adds to the versatility of our bracket ranges. All the while, the nylon washer is holding your light or accessory central when mounting. Our custom step washers are included with the purchase of accessories bracket ranges and with the base mount. Additional/replacement washers can be purchased separately.


“KE Custom Product’s universal mounting systems are not only clever in design, but are also laser cut and folded, producing brackets that are uniform in shape from a single piece of material, together with the ability of being fully adjustable, simply by nipping the stainless steel locking clamp prior to final adjustment, then locking into place. Very practical range of products.” – Rob O’Reilly – Diesel N Dust Magazine

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